Height (lift down) 145 cm
Height (lift up) 170 cm
Width 60 cm
Length 85 cm
Weight 65 kg
Max Sideway Reach 57 cm
Max Front Reach 57 cm
Max Downward Readh 15 cm
Max Upward Reach 170 cm


Robai Cyton 1500 7 DOF
Payload 2kg stretched
Custom Gripper 2 Finger
Gripper Opening 12 cm
Gripper Length 8 cm
Tip to Wrist 20 cm


4 Casters Steered and Driven
Max Speed 1.7 km/h
Wheel Rotation 270 degrees


2x mini itx Intel I7
Memory 4 gigabyte per itx
HD 160 gigabyte per itx
OS Ubuntu 12.04 64 Bit
Software Framework ROS Hydro


Capacity 20 Ah to 40 Ah
Runtime 2 hours continuous
Hot Swappable Yes


Head Pan 2x180 degr.
Tilt 45 degr. up, 90 degr. down


Control Dev. Flight Stick, Space Navigator
OS Ubuntu 12.04
Software Framework ROS Hydro